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Taizhou Jubilation Decorative Lantern Co., Ltd.

LED string lights, LED rope lights, Christmas silhouettes, LED motifs, LED icicle lights, Christmas figures, battery ...

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  • Phone: 0086-576-82506285
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    Lijia Village, Jichang Road, Luqiao, Taizhou, Zhejiang, China
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Company Profile
Taizhou Jubilation Decorative Lantern Co., Ltd. is premier decorative lighting manufacturer that offers a diversified product portfolio, including LED string lights, LED rope lights, LED Christmas silhouettes and motifs, LED icicle lights, outdoor reindeers, Christmas figures, battery fairy lights, solar fairy lights, LED curtain lights, LED net nights, LED cluster lights, garden lanterns, festoon lights, Christmas garlands, Christmas wreaths, light up letters, lightboxes, and battery powered Christmas lights. A myriad of LED decorative light systems made by Jubilation are distinguished by its robust visual effects that provide the best possible experience for versatile decorating purposes in holidays, festivals, and celebrations.

Jubilation's relentless pursuit to bring to market the most creative, sustainable and cost-effective lighting solutions is reflected in every product that Jubilation creates. The full spectrum of highly efficient decorative fixtures can be utilized to create cutting edge adorning and landscape lighting systems that aesthetically enhance festive appearance for any celebrations. Backed with an integrated manufacturing facility, a team of experienced designers and a proficient workforce, Jubilation commits itself to delivering superior values to its partners, by leveraging the creativity and expertise that have been cultivated through years of years being an innovator in its markets. 

Jubilation's attention to quality, reliability and cost performance is unparalleled. The company is principled enough to have the time-sensitive orders fulfilled on time and on budget, yet attentive enough to communicate with its customers friendly, quickly and efficiently.
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